The hulls of WingFoX Nano. Shape.



When designing a new shape of the hull, we took advantage of the experience gained in the use of the earlier design as well as the experiences of other sailing contestants who used the constructions that have appeared in the last year.

The shape of the new hull is totally altered, though we shall use a few comparisons to the precedent design to illustrate the extent of these changes.

The bow section received a better slenderness and a high angle of inclination of the attack edge. The upper section of the hull from the bow to the first beam was "sharpened" so as to minimize the resistance which appears when cutting the top of a wave.

The bottom-board of the WingFoX Nano begins to flatten just at the front beam only to become completely flat at the stern. The bottom-board in the stern section is wider and lowered by nearly 5 cm. The hull was designed to quickly reach high speeds and to better cooperate with curved centerboards. All this to allow the hull to leave water as quickly as possible.

The change of the shape of the hull and beams resulted in raising the rear beam by ca. 10 cm. The position of the front beam was changed and now it is moved backwards in relation to its earlier position.

Despite its completely new shape, the new hull features similar displacement parameters as the precedent design. Compared to the former hull, the WingFoX Nano has the volume smaller by 5 %  and the surface area smaller by 3.5 %.

The front and rear beams are installed deeply in the hull, which leaves the deck area free for the ballasting contestant. The position of the stern beam was also changed and now it is moved backwards to allow the sailor to achieve the best performance of the cat when sailing downwind.


The traveler track of the mainsail was sunken entirely into the hull so as not to disturb when coming onto the balance board.

Due to the application of curved centerboards, the location of the centerboard case was changed more towards the front.

The section of the deck between the beams was designed so as to provide for the most efficient ballasting action by the contestant on the balance board without "tacking on" any additional elements to the hull.

The hull was designed so as not to impose any limitations when planning a further development of the construction. Appropriately designed beams and centerboard case allow for their free dislocation if required.

Presently, we are working on a new type of rigging.

In the event a sailwing is used, the position of the rigging centre will be changed, which will require a correction in the location of the beam and the centerboard case in order to maintain ideal neutrality of the boat.

The WingFoX Nano was prepared to these changes as early as at the stage of designing the shape and the technology to be used.


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