Carbon products

We supply different types of companies with carbon parts. Lots of shapes, sizes, and always top quality.

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WingFoX technology

We produce ultra-lightweight and highly durable composite products with advanced structure and technology.

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Production segments

We constantly expand the product range producing technologically and structurally advanced composite products.

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Welcome to the world of latest technologies

In WingFox we produce ultra-light and highly-resistant composite products of advanced structure and technology. They can be used i.e in regatta sailing, motor, army and aircraft industry, telecommunication, medicine and all other branches which use new and advanced composite technologies. Our products are the best solution, wherever construction demands disqualify aluminium, steel and other materials.

Our mission

" .. Inspired by our passion and empowered by our achievement, we are here to share with you technology of the future .."

Contact us

Stawiszcze 1a
98-200 Sieradz

Telephone: +48 603 670 600
Fax: +48 43 828 22 06

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