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In WingFoX we produce ultra-lightweight and highly durable composite products with advanced structure and technology. High-temperature prepreg (cured in autoclave), infusion, RTM, vacuum, wet lay-up, filament winding and pultrusion are the technologies that we commonly use.

All molds and plugs are made with an accuracy of 0.01 mm in the CNC technology. This translates directly into the quality and accuracy of a ready product. For instance, items made in the pultrusion process are produced with a tolerance of about 0.1 mm and the minimum profile wall thickness is 0.5 mm.

As the design is indeed important, our products' surfaces are smooth and glossy and they highlight the beautiful structure of carbon fibers.

The most advanced elements are produced in high-pressure autoclaves which guarantees an absolute control of the curing process and the highest quality.



When implementing our projects, we use the latest technology of advanced composites. We always use high-performance composite materials such as high-modular carbon fibers, aramid fibers, honeycomb, high temperature epoxy resins (having a TG above 200°C), foams and lightweight fillers resistant to gamma radiation.

We also manufacture parts based on high-temperature thermoplastics material (used to produce inter alia artificial joints) such as PEEK (TG above 350°C), reinforced with carbon fiber.


Our design team consists of experienced engineers who work on the newest 3D software. Each product is tested and optimized in terms of strength, deformation and weight already at the design stage. Highly qualified staff guarantees high quality and repeatability.

All our products are subject to strict quality control before being delivered to the customer.

Our mission

" .. Inspired by our passion and empowered by our achievement, we are here to share with you technology of the future .."

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98-200 Sieradz

Telephone: +48 603 670 600
Fax: +48 43 828 22 06

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