Nano centerboards. Profile.



When designing our new centerboards we focused our attention on selecting an appropriate profile thereof.

Considering the fact that in majority of circumstances centerboards operate under transient flow, we decided to apply well proven profiles which at low resistance throughout the entire range of velocity provide high efficiency and are highly resistant to breaking of stream.


In the "vertical" section of the centerboard we have applied the NACA 63-012 symmetric profile which ensures generation of appropriate side force both at small and large speeds while at the same maintains appropriate rigidity.



In the carrier section this profile turns smoothly into a non-symmetric NACA 63-412, passing through all the intermittent profiles: NACA 63-112; NACA 63-212; NACA 63-312. It must be noted here that this profile is capable of generating adequate lifting force as early as at 0 degree trim. 

Apart from high efficiency proven by computer simulations, the NACA 63-412 profile performs perfectly well also both in the large and ultra light units equipped with hydrowings. The choice of the NACA 63-412 profile constitutes and ideal consensus of low resistance at high speeds and generation of high lifting force in the entire velocity range.

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