Nano centerboards. Shape.




WingFoX Nano has been equipped with centerboards of variable curvature and variable profile.

Since class regulations restrict the area we can use to generate the lifting force to 40 cm, the shape of our centerboards was designed to take maximum advantage of the area available.

The geometry of the centerboard was designed so as to allow the lifting part to generate lifting force even when the centerboard is partially drawn out.

The asymmetric profile used in the lower section of the centerboard generates lifting force already at zero trim. The centerboard box and the elements contained therein permit centerboard trim within +/- 5 degrees of the angle of incidence of the lower section of the centerboard.

The centerboards feature increased length to allow them to work deeper in the events of more stabilized conditions. In the surface layer we encounter rotating currents, a rotation of water masses, which impairs the efficiency of a centerboard.


Assuming appropriate lifting force to be generated by the centerboard we took every effort so that a lifted up centerboard could still generate adequate side resistance necessary for the boat not loose its capacity of sailing upwind.

What happens in the case of centerboards having constant radius of curvature is a considerable loss of lateral surface of resistance, which causes increased leeway and makes upwind sailing impossible. In extreme cases the loss of upwind sailing potential may not be compensated by higher speed.

The special design of the centerboard box allows its easy raising while maintaining tight fit in every position.

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