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New centerboards WingFoX Nano are made entirely of carbon prepreg. We do not cover them with a layer of topcoat so the run-off edge is very thin though also very tough. The entire element is hardened and annealed in an autoclave. 

Due to specially designed internal structure it was possible to give up the use of filling foam and glue to fix the two parts together.

The centerboards are made in a single process technology and thus are monolithic, which ensures their high rigidity at minimum weight.

Special array of carbon fibres, accompanied by appropriate design, yield a significant increase of rigidity. We have put much effort to the selection of centerboard geometry and its rigidity so as they would not cause vibrations. We have paid particular attention to the forming of "higher harmonic vibrations" which are periodically appearing oscillations whose frequency is a multitude of their free vibration frequency. What results is an uncontrolled amplification of the amplitude. In extreme cases it results in breaking the stream flowing round the centerboard and a sudden drop of the lifting power. Windsurfers are well aware of such situations when suddenly the centerboard looses its capacity of generating side resistance force and a spinout occurs. Apart from lower efficiency, an oscillating centerboard causes diffusion of energy and thus generates increased resistance.

 Centerboards require high precision of workmanship. That is why we have applied the CNC technology to make centerboard forms. Specialist software allowed us to optimize the lifting power in relation to the resistance.

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" .. Inspired by our passion and empowered by our achievement, we are here to share with you technology of the future .."

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